Welcome to BoardBe

Your destination for transformative governance.

Our journey was born from the quest to fill a glaring gap: the dire need for more accountable, innovative, and empowered leadership that cuts across all sectors.

Our Story

Over a decade, our founder observed firsthand the impact of governance deficiencies on organizational culture, accountability, and stakeholder engagement. It became evident that the solution lies within the Board of Directors - the compass of leadership across organizations.

In 2020 BoardBe was born. A call to BE your cause. A call to embody what you stand for. A call to step up and make that difference by joining a board.

In 2023, a synergy was formed as we merged our with HireProfile Consulting, building our three-pillared approach:

These three pillars represent our commitment to enhancing the lifecycle of a board through our continuum of services, ensuring they echo your organization's strategic direction, your commitment to inclusion, and pursuit of continuous learning.

At BoardBe, we recognize the profound influence of EXEMPLARY boards: they drive economic growth, create meaningful social change, safeguard stakeholders, foster innovation, uphold ethical standards, and champion corporate social responsibility by shaping impactful policies.

Partner with us at BoardBe as we redefine leadership and nurture the spirit of purposeful governance. Work with us to take your board from good to GREAT!

Who We Serve

At BoardBe, our reach is as diverse as our vision.

We proudly serve organizations across a wide spectrum of sectors - be they public or private entities, crown corporations, government institutions, or non-profit organizations. Our services extend to CEOs and top executives, boards seeking to enhance their governance capabilities, and aspiring board leaders ready to step into leadership roles. We are equally committed to facilitating the growth of businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to established multinational corporations.

At BoardBe, we serve those poised to make a difference and embrace our powerful mantra: "BE your cause."

Our Team

At BoardBe, we take pride in our dedicated group of experts committed to supporting boards and candidates on their journey to board excellence. Our diverse team brings together a unique blend of expertise, ensuring that we have the right professionals for each aspect of board governance.


Mubarka Butt


Governance Enablement & Strategy Execution

Shannan Corey


Executive Compensation & Organizational Achitecture

Dr. Cody Sharpe


Policy & Bylaw Development & Impact Evaluation

Paul Sparks

P. Eng

Board Development & Transformation

Dr. Lewena Bayer


Strategic Leadership Intervention & Realignment

Suzanne Anton


Leadership Coach & Balanced Scorecards

Holly Thompson


Board Administration & Board Portal Management

Temi Omope


Board Administration & Board Portal Management